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Client Testimonials

  • Once in a while someone comes along that just helps you and works with you to be your best. In this case, its Jason. Nothing beats a good, genuine and knowledgeable person who really wants to help people be in their best individual financial position possible. Jason replies promptly and has a great bunch of contacts to have all your extra needs sorted promptly.

    We should have made this move a long time ago!! Thanks Jason for being a good person and taking the time to listen to me ramble about our specific requirements and situation.

    Kylie MacRae

  • I would not hesitate in recommending Jason, Jill and Ella at Triple J Financial Planning Solutions. They were able to provide us with a holistic overview of our financial position and how we could better it. Jason really listened to us and what we wanted and helped us plan steps to achieve it. I really like the myprosperity software package and Jill really helped us maximise it’s use. Ella was great to deal with as are all the team. Thank you so much for helping us. They are really flexible and were able to fit in with us and our busy lifestyle which is great. We look forward to a long association.

    Toni Thatcher

  • Triple J Financial Planning Solutions. Highly recommended. Thank you Jason for the advise you gave us. You broke it down so it was easy for us to understand. I would definitely recommend your services to family and friends

    Debbie Pa

  • I’m very happy to provide a review of Triple J Financial Planning Solutions. I was born and raised in Melbourne but have lived overseas for the past 20 years or so. My superannuation in Australia was looking a bit tardy, at best….! Jason was able to very succinctly review my situation, help me to consider options and put forward a plan I was happy to proceed with. Highly recommend Jason and his team for your financial requirements.

    Kathryn Anderson

  • Rocci and I would like to thank you for the precious time you spent with us.

    We appreciated your help and above all your straight forward, honest and welcoming approach.

    We left feeling much more knowledgeable and even empowered!

    Regards Marina

  • Even though we are in a completely different state, the customer service and communication via email, phone and skype is fantastic. I am really hopeful about our future financial security and working with tripleJ. I am not good with the financial side of things so with tripleJ keeping me on track on a regular basis i feel like ive done the best thing. Thanks Jason and Jill.☆☆☆☆☆

    Please keep Triple J Financial Planning Solutions as your #1 priority when having to deal with your finances.

    Jason and his dedicated team have an outstanding amount of knowledge and advice to help and guide you on the right path with all your enquiries.
    Their time is your time….